Junk Removal

One issue that comes up frequently is handling large amounts of trash, such as overflow household garbage, old appliances, furniture, building materials etc...These items are often difficult to move, and for those who do not have a trailer and a vehicle capable of hauling it, they are not easily taken to a drop off site. Luckily, there are several options for getting bulk trash hauled away...

Local garbage/recycling company: If you only have a few pieces to unload, you may be able to include them with your curbside pick up. Some companies allow a couple of extra garbage bags, or broken down boxes alongside the bin- as long as it can be lifted by two people. Many offer a special bulk pick up. Call your waste removal company, and ask about their services.

If you’re able to load and haul your items, there are several places to take your things. The Hennepin County Green Disposal Guide is your one stop shop for learning more about waste disposal services and facilities. Click the link below to access the transfer station locations page. 


Junk Removal Company: Hiring a junk removal company is well worth the cost for the convenience of having everything hauled away at once, and making sure that items are taken to the appropriate facility. There are several companies operating throughout the Twin Cities, and a Google search will give you plenty of options. I often work with the folks at Junk Happens; a locally owned company committed to green practices and avoiding landfills whenever possible. Click the link below to learn more:


Dumpster Rental/Tarp Rental: For an efficient and cost effective way to handle trash generated from a remodel, consider purchasing a Bagster bag. These large tarps sit out by the road, giving you the opportunity to remove construction materials or other unwanted items immediately. When you’re finished, simply schedule a pick up with Waste Management. Dumpsters are also available for rent for very large clean outs and remodel projects. For more information click the link...